High-throughput phenotypic screening with RASTRUM™ 3D cell models

This application note provides an overview of cell painting-based phenotypic screening of advanced 3D cell models using RASTRUM™ with high-content confocal imaging and machine learning.

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The RASTRUM™ Platform has been combined with Operetta CLS™ high-content analysis system and customised machine learning algorithms to demonstrate the utility of cell painting-based phenotypic screening of advanced cell models in synthetic matrices with U-87MG glioblastoma cells.

In this application note, you'll learn discover that the RASTRUM™ Platform enables:

  • Promotion of in vivo cell phenotype with relevant matrix composition to mimic the tumour microenvironment
  • Easy integration with phenotypic screening workflows for high-content 3D cell culture analysis
  • Feature extraction using 3D cell cultures to provide new insights on drug mechanisms
  • Consistent well-to-well cell output to generate reproducible data


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