Third Dimension Grant Program

A unique opportunity for researchers in Europe to get hands-on experience with RASTRUM™ right in their own lab. The application period for this grant is now closed, but please contact us if interested in the platform.

The RASTRUM™ Platform

The RASTRUM™ Platform produces advanced 3D cell models automatically by encapsulating your cells in RASTRUM™ Matrix which recapitulates the cell microenvironment. The RASTRUM™ Platform uses cutting edge drop-on-demand 3D bioprinting technology to precisely and reproducibly create advanced 3D models without any of the hassle of manual 3D alternatives. RASTRUM™ Matrix are tunable in stiffness, protein and peptide contents, empower researchers to recreate their in vivo tissue microenvironment in ways not possible with conventional preclinical models. The automated, highly reproducible nature of these models allows scientists to reliably model complex biology, discover new therapeutic targets, and screen drug compounds. Learn more about RASTRUM™ advanced 3D cell models.

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About Inventia Life Science

Inventia Life Science is developing revolutionary advanced 3D cell model technology to enable cell biologists and biomedical researchers to create reproducible and realistic in vitro cell models at scale that mimic human tissue and diseases. The flagship product, RASTRUM™ Platform is a gamechanger in the creation of advanced cell models through the combination of the drop-on-demand bioprinting technology and fully defined matrix which enables a highly reproducible and biologically tunable mircoenvironment to reproduce the target cell phenotype for drug discovery and biomedical research applications.

Grant Overview

The Third Dimension Grant Program offers recipients access to the RASTRUM™ Instrument and RASTRUM™ Matrices which together provide revolutionary advanced 3D cell model capabilities.

One recipient will receive:

  • A RASTRUM™ Instrument for a period of 3 months
  • RASTRUM™ Matrices for 6 x 96-well or 384-well plates
  • Ongoing training and support for the duration of the grant program


The Third Dimension Grant Program is open to academic and commercial laboratories not currently using the RASTRUM™ Platform in Europe.

Submission period (now closed)

Applications are due before the 29th of February 2024, and the recipient will be selected on 8th of March 2024.

How to apply

Fill out the submission form using the link below. You'll be asked to briefly summarize the scope of your proposed project, including how the RASTRUM™ Instrument and RASTRUM™ Matrices would be used in your project.