Tumour microenvironment

Mimic the TME with complex 3D cell model architectures and reproducible matrix arrangements to meet your needs


Explore the roles of stromal cells, such as endothelial cells, immune cells and fibroblasts, in tumour processes using RASTRUM 3D co-culture models that simulate dynamic cell-cell interactions in different tissue stiffnesses.



Cancer drug discovery

Drive meaningful therapeutic advancements from lab to clinic


Investigate the complexity of tumour development, disease modelling and cancer progression using RASTRUM 3D cell models that support the culture of a range of cancer cell types and various drug testing analyses, aiding in the discovery of novel cancer therapies.



Model the dynamic interactions between immune and cancer cells in vitro


From direct co-cultures at a local level to indirect co-cultures at a tissue level, study tumour–immune cell interactions and immunotherapeutic strategies effectively using RASTRUM 3D immuno-oncology models that replicate the in vivo tumour microenvironment.


Migration and invasion

Access a new world of flexibility to interrogate cancer cell behaviours


Discover realistic cell migration in the context of development, immune response, cancer metastasis, and inflammation with RASTRUM phenotypic cell models using a large number of tissue and cell types that mimic in vivo microenvironments.


Customer spotlight

How RASTRUM phenotypic models are being used in cancer research


Cancer cells on the move


Prof. Maria Kavallaris AM at the Children's Cancer Institute used the RASTRUM Platform to develop matrix-embedded cancer organoids. The research aimed to understand cancer cell migration and invasion mechanisms for targeted drug treatments. The webinar introduced a high-throughput 3D cell migration model for real-time measurement of cell movement and detailed molecular analysis, advancing potential drug screening for novel cancer therapies.

Explore featured resources to enhance your cancer research


Beyond simple co-cultures: Development of complex tissue architectures in 3D



EGFR and PI3K Signalling Pathways as Promising Targets on CTCs from Patients with Metastatic Gastric Adenocarcinoma

International Journal of Molecular Sciences | May 2024

High-throughput phenotypic screening with RASTRUM™ 3D cell models

Painting in 3D: High throughput phenotypic screening in printed 3D cell culture


Enabling high throughput drug discovery in 3D cell cultures through a novel bioprinting workflow

 SLAS Technology | February 2022

Monitoring cell health at scale in 3D matrix cultures is as easy as in 2D


Advancements in 3D Cell Culture Systems for Personalizing Anti-Cancer Therapies

Frontiers in Oncology | November 2021


Integration of RASTRUM™ and AlphaLISA® for drug discovery in 3D cell cultures


GelMA, click-chemistry gelatin and bioprinted polyethylene glycol-based hydrogels as 3D ex vivo drug testing platforms for patient-derived breast cancer organoids

Pharmaceutics | January 2023

MDPI _Square_Preview

Advanced spheroid, tumouroid and 3D bioprinted in-vitro models of adult and paediatric glioblastoma

International Journal of Molecular Sciences | March 2021


A comparative analysis of 2D and 3D experimental data for the identification of the parameters of computational models