RASTRUM™ is built for 3D cell biology, accelerating drug discovery and biomedical research with the power of digital bioprinting.

RASTRUM™ Experience

A simple platform to create 3D cell models in standard well plates that are compatible with your existing experimental workflow.


Select from our library of proprietary RASTRUM™ Matrices and 3D Cell Models, without having to waste time with 3D modelling or hydrogel engineering.


Choose a suitable matrix

from our library of validated matrices


Pick the 3D cell model

to suit your research question.


Define a platemap

to suit your experimental workflow.


Incredibly easy and automated printing workflow to create your 3D Cell Model efficiently and reproducibly.


Auto-generated protocol

lets you execute with confidence, with no need to tweak printing parameters.


Plug and play printing

allows you to resuspend your cell pellet in bioink, add it to the RASTRUM™ Cartridge and press play to print.


Automated cleaning

and sterilisation pre and post-print means you can get back to work faster.


Printed 3D Cell Models are compatible with standard culture and downstream analysis workflows.



immediately post-print and cultivate with manual or automated media changes.



your 3D culture by standard imaging or assay techniques - the hydrogel matrix won’t interfere.


Cell extraction and analysis

is possible by harvesting matured cell constructs from the printed 3D Cell Model.


The award-winning 3D Cell Culture Platform

Compact form factor for benchtop use

Integrated clean chamber with dual HEPA filtration

Patented RASTRUM™ printhead rapidly deposits up to 8 components simultaneously

Low volume handling with negligible loss of precious samples

RASTRUM™ Consumables

Off-the-shelf consumables to accelerate your experimentation

RASTRUM™ Cartridge

Single-use medical grade plastic

Sterile and supplied with cleaning and sterilisation fluids

Eight user-fillable reservoirs able to load very low volumes of cell suspensions

RASTRUM™ Matrices

Validated printable matrix components

Tuned stiffness and biofunctionality for each cell type

RASTRUM™ Cell Recovery Solution for cell extraction

Standard well plates

A range of standard SBS well plate formats (6, 24, 48, 96 and 384-well plates)

User-specific well plate formats supported on request

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