RASTRUM™ is built for 3D cell biology, accelerating drug discovery and biomedical research.

Experience the technology like no other

RASTRUM™ Instrument

Our core drop-on-demand technology deposits nanoliter droplets of cells and matrix components to build 3D cell models in a way that's rapid, precise and gentle on cells.

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Controlled and gentle placement of cells

Low volume handling with negligible loss of precious samples

Full software-guided operation, maintenance and autocleaning

Compact form factor for benchtop use

In-built and integrated clean chamber with dual HEPA filtration

Patented printhead with 4 independently addressable dispensing valve pairs

Off-the-shelf consumables to accelerate your discovery

RASTRUM™ Cartridge

Single-use medical grade plastic with tapered to load very low volumes of your cell suspensions.

RASTRUM™ Matrices

An easy-to-use, fully controllable synthetic matrix scaffold that is consistent in its composition, and free of animal products.

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Standard well plates

Use any standard SBS well plate formats (6, 24, 48, 96 and 384-well plates).

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