Create a relevant microenvironment with predictable matrix and model performance that gives you better data.

The matrix

Choosing a suitable extracellular matrix mimic is critical to the success of any advanced cell model. Given the many roles of matrix in guiding cellular behaviour and response, no one matrix can suit all applications.

RASTRUM™ Matrices are tuned to each cell type and research question by modifying:


Tunable stiffness to provide a physiologically relevant environment

Adhesion peptides

Including the core peptide sequences that mediate integrin binding (i.e. RGD, IKVAV, YIGSR)

Full-length proteins

Enriched in natural extracellular matrices (i.e. laminin and fibronectin)

MMP-sensitive sites

To enable cleavage of the matrix by cell-secreted proteases

No matter the formulation, RASTRUM™ Matrices provide several benefits over other systems:

No batch-to-batch variation

Printable with instant gelation at room temperature

Permeable to antibodies, growth factors and small molecules

Fully transparent with no auto-fluorescence

Dissolvable to enable cell extraction

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