New Rastrum Fibronectin Matrix

Introducing the next generation fibronectin to our RASTRUM™ Matrix family: unleash the power of biological relevance for unparalleled cell models!

We are delighted to unveil the latest innovation from RASTRUM™ - the improved fibronectin to the RASTRUM™ matrix family sourced from human plasma. Our team has dedicated extensive efforts to optimise every aspect of this product, from the production process to formulation and handling, and stringent quality tests. With this new addition, our matrix offers superior physiological relevance for your cells that guarantees the highest quality RASTRUM™ cell models available.

What has changed?

  • We have released new matrix-codes and F-codes for all matrices and inks containing fibronectin

  • We have reformulated the fibronectin concentration in the matrix to achieve a higher product stability and printing performance

  • We have incorporate extra steps in the PrintRun protocol to ensure that the fibronectin inks are ready to use with RASTRUM™ Instrument

Benefits of the new matrix formulation

Unparalleled quality

Our upgraded production process guarantees a laminin matrix of unparalleled quality, setting new industry standards

Closer to biology

Embrace the natural complexity of living tissues. Our matrix additives supports cell adhesion, migration, and differentiation, just like the native extracellular matrix, ensuring biologically meaningful outcomes

Improved performance

Say goodbye to variability! With our enhanced formulation, you can expect consistent and reliable results in every experiment

Better success

With the new improved fibronectin matrix additive, accelerate your progress and achieve your research goals faster

Trusted expertise

RASTRUM™ remains at the forefront of scientific advancements, and our continuous improvement process reflects our commitment to your success