Redefine tissue stiffness with RASTRUM™ Matrices - where strength meets precision!

Introducing a new matrix class to the RASTRUM™ family: elevating stiffness to 4.8 kPa! With an unprecedented stiffness rating of 4.8 kPa storage modulus, this new RASTRUM™ matrix sets a new benchmark in material rigidity, revolutionising your possibilities for creating physiologically-relevant advanced cell models.

Some cells favour a stiffer environment and that's OK!

This new matrix stiffness allows you to culture relevant cells in a tuned stiffness environment, so that your cells can faithfully reproduce their native phenotype. Some key benefits include:

- Tuned matrix stiffness that mimic closer the in vivo stiffness environment of your cells

- Compatible and ready to use with all common downstream analysis

- Cells will grow more in vivo like if within a more in vivo like stiffness

Right image: LIVE/DEAD staining of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells (PANC-1) in 4.8 kPa matrix after 7 days