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Our in-house curated application notes highlight the applicability and capability of the RASTRUM™ Platform.
Discover how the platform can be utilised for a particular application to support impactful scientific research.

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Healthy liver and liver fibrosis modelling using RASTRUM™ Platform

This application note provides a study of liver fibrosis in a relevant physiological way with liver and stellate cells to enable anti-fibrotic treatment.
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High-Throughput production of matrix-embedded multicellular tumour spheroids by drop-on-demand technology

This application note provides an overview of the creation of breast and prostate multicellular tumour spheroids using RASTRUM™
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Cell retrieval from RASTRUM™ 3D bioprinted hydrogels enables high quality RNA and protein extraction

This application note demonstrates how cells encapsulated in RASTRUM™ Matrices can be easily retrieved to enable investigations into gene and protein expression.
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