Bioprinting Human Cells in 3D with Cameron Ferris & Aidan O'Mahony

Bioprinting Human Cells in 3D with Cameron Ferris & Aidan O'Mahony

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Inventia's mission is to scale the creation of human tissue. This startup is creating some of the most powerful tools for advanced medical discovery today, and today we dive into how Inventia has been built from the ground up.

  • Why an agile mindset was a "game changer" for building teams
  • Breaking up a long term goal into smaller "units of progress".
  • How Inventia teams share responsibility for outcomes, not tasks.
  • How technology is reshaping medicine.

Inventia builds machines to bioprint human cells in 3D. These machines help forward-thinking drug discovery and medical research pioneers create human tissue for research and therapy that mimic real human tissue structures, rather than in environments that fail 90% of the time.


Episode Highlights from Cameron & Aidan

"We tried to adopt an agile mindset and have outcome driven teams, so putting biologists, material scientists and engineers together in a team, and having really clear outcomes for the product to guide them. They can use all their different skills and experience and deliver something really incredible." - Aidan

"The technology that we're developing is a fundamental shift in our ability to engineer biological tissue at scale, so it's a big mission. We're setting out to build a generational business. And we knew from the outset it was important to break that up into discrete horizons or units of progress." - Cameron

"We thought we had a product, but then we realised the printer was not the product, the product was what the customer takes out of it. It's been that journey of learning more about what's the actual product, and what our customer is going to get value out of." - Aidan

"The one thing I'd do differently is seek to get the product into the hands of more customers early on. The only way to truly iterate on the product and learn where the real value is is to work with as many customers as you can, and learn as much as you can from their usage and feedback." - Cameron


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