Episode 5 with Dr Julio Ribeiro - Elevating the voices of Leaders in Life Science & STEM across the globe | SEVEN | Podcast

Episode 5 with Dr Julio Ribeiro - Elevating the voices of Leaders in Life Science & STEM across the globe | SEVEN | Podcast

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From Brazil to Australia, this fascinating story of how the RASTRUM was created is one that evokes such thoughts of appreciation to innovators of science, like Dr Julio Ribeiro and his team. After having studied his PhD in Medicine in the field of Oncogenesis, Julio had some ideas and went on to meet some fellow scientists & engineers who became instrumental in creating a 3D printer platform to accelerate drug discovery and research. 

Julio started Inventia Life Science because he believed that research using 2D cell models didn’t truly represent real life human biology. Biomedical research has heavily relied on using technology that was first created in the 1950s for illustrating human biology. As a result, the models created since then failed to represent the complexity of human biology and diseases being investigated. There simply had to be a better way to discover, study, and develop new treatments and drugs. 

In this episode of SEVEN we talk to Julio about his career journey to becoming CEO of Inventia Life Science. We get to hear a flavour of his leadership style coming through as well the type of leadership he had, that got him to where he is now. We also get to hear his defining moments and who supported him along the way.  You will hear him say - 'It is only just the beginning'.

It is clear that Dr. Ribeiro is an ally to women and men in the field of Life Science, the area that he loves to work in; he encourages women to go for it, never let anyone tell you, you can't achieve greatness with your talent. Be the type of leader who can see the potential in others before they do and lead them to greatness - whether you are a man or woman.


About SEVEN podcast

SEVEN is a podcast series of Career Stories with me Jo McCatty, Founder of Protoscience. It all started with “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” ; my lucky number is actually 7, I also love that there are 7 wonders of the world. I want to ignite a spark and inspire others by sharing voices of wonderful leaders around the globe within the life science sector and STEM. From others' stories we can learn, share, grow and in turn teach.


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