PhenoVue™ In Situ Live/Dead Cell Viability with RASTRUM™ 3D Advanced Cell Models

This protocol outlines an easy-to-use method for measuring cell viability, cell proliferation, cytotoxicity and apoptosis using the PhenoVue™ Live/Dead Cell Viability Assay Kit.

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Assessing the viability of cells within RASTRUM™ 3D cell models is a fundamental practice for determining the health of 3D cell cultures. Additionally, viability assessments serve as the foundation for toxicology and efficacy studies of malignant cells.

In this protocol, we describe in situ staining of live advanced cell high-throughput models created with RASTRUM™ (HepG2 spheroids) treated with 50 mM acetaminophen using PhenoVue™ Live/Dead Cell Viability Assay Kit (Revvity). While this protocol references the HTP model, it can be easily adapted for other RASTRUM™ 3D Advanced Cell Models.


  • Viability of HepG2 cells printed in RASTRUM™ High Throughput models assessed in situ.
  • Easy-to-perform viability assay enables to determine the health of 3D advanced cell models.
  • The combination of RASTRUM™ Advanced Cell Models and Revvity PhenoVue™ Live/Dead Cell Viability Assay Kit assays provide researchers a high-throughput model to study growth of primary hepatocytes.
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