RASTRUM™ Matrices are tuned to each cell type and research question by modifying:



Tunable stiffness to provide a physiologically relevant environment

Adhesion Peptides

Adhesion peptides

Including the core peptide sequences that mediate integrin binding (i.e. RGD, IKVAV, YIGSR)

Full Length Proteins

Full-length proteins

Enriched in natural extracellular matrices (i.e. laminin and fibronectin)

MMP Sensitive Sites

MMP-sensitive sites

To enable cleavage of the matrix by cell-secreted proteases

No matter the formulation, RASTRUM™ Matrices provide several benefits over other systems:

  • No batch-to-batch variation

  • Printable with instant gelation at room temperature

  • Permeable to antibodies, growth factors and small molecules

  • Fully transparent with no auto-fluorescence

  • Dissolvable to enable cell extraction

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