Inventia enters into a distribution agreement for RASTRUM™ with SCRUM Inc in Japan

Inventia enters into a distribution agreement for RASTRUM™ with SCRUM Inc in Japan

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Sydney, Australia — 2 December 2022 — Inventia Life Science, the Sydney-based biotech, a global leader in 3D cell culture and 3D bioprinting technology, today announced a new exclusive distribution agreement with SCRUM Inc. As a result, SCRUM Inc. has obtained exclusive sales rights for Inventia Life Science’s flagship 3D cell culture platform, RASTRUM™ in Japan.

RASTRUM™, is a game-changing 3D cell culture platform that’s accelerating the quest to cure cancer and debilitating diseases. With applications in cell-based research including drug discovery and disease modeling, the RASTRUM™ 3D cell culture platform is revolutionising biomedical research.

RASTRUM™ is the world’s first high-throughput 3D cell culture platform designed specifically for cell biology. The RASTRUM™ platform is an automated platform powered by the RASTRUM™ 3D bioprinter to create complex 3D cell cultures quickly to mimic human tissue, by printing bioinks and cells in a highly controlled way. The innovative technology empowers scientists to print 3D cell cultures at unprecedented speed, replacing a time-consuming and manual process. 

Producing complex 3D cell cultures that are compatible with a range of workflows and analysis techniques used in cell biology, RASTRUM™ enables scientists to spend more time on their research and less time on optimisation processes. It is designed with simplicity and speed in mind so that even a person without prior experience in bioprinting can use the platform and generate meaningful results in a quick and intuitive way that enables a streamlined user experience.

Dr Julio Ribeiro, Inventia’s co-founder and CEO said “Japan is an ideal country to continue to expand our footprint internationally, due to it being the world’s second largest medtech and pharma market. By working with a distribution partner, we will have a strategic route to market for RASTRUM™. We have confidence that SCRUM Inc will work with us in helping RASTRUM™ Japanese customers which are world-leading scientists to utilise RASTRUM™ in their important drug discovery work. We are looking forward to our collaboration with SCRUM Inc and making an impact in Japan while supporting scientists in the fight against critical diseases such as cancer. Long term, we remain committed to accomplishing our goal of distribution expansion into new regions and market segments.”

Takemitsu Furuta, President of SCRUM said “We are very excited to have entered into a business partnership with Inventia. We have seen the development and applications of 3D cell culture increase, especially in the last five years. Those new technologies have brought new innovations to the areas of life science research and drug discovery. We are proud to introduce Inventia’s RASTRUM™ and its technology to Japanese researchers involved in those fields. SCRUM has close relationships and good access to leading researchers in both academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies. We expect there to be synergistic effects of our existing products and RASTRUM™ and believe we can give researchers valuable to help them in their drug discoveries.”



About Inventia Life Science

At Inventia, we’re creating some of the most powerful tools for advanced biomedical discovery today. We build printers and formulate bioinks that together allow human cells to be printed in three-dimensional structures and help forward-thinking pioneers in the fields of cancer research, drug discovery and medicine to create human tissue for research and therapy purposes. Our RASTRUM™ platform creates 3D cell cultures which imitate real human tissue in terms of its structure and behaviour across a range of disease states. The physiological complexity of these cell cultures provides an environment in which world-class research and discovery can occur, right in the researcher’s own lab. Inventia Life Science Pty Ltd was the vision of Dr. Julio Ribeiro and founded by him with Dr. Aidan O'Mahony, Dr. Cameron Ferris and Peter Arthur in 2013 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

About SCRUM Inc.

SCRUM Inc. has performed in Japanese life science market with our motto, "Bringing valuable solutions from around the world to your lab". SCRUM's mission is to provide the researchers the products and services which are beneficial and facilitate their studies in pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic companies, universities, national institutions and other commercial biotech companies. We have been organized by highly skilled marketing and sales experts, scientists and engineers so that we can provide professional services to the customers. And we continue to sharpen their edge and have been constantly driving for complete customer satisfaction. SCRUM Inc. was founded as a marketing and sales firm of foreign scientific products in 1996 and the headquarter is located in Tokyo, Japan.


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