Inventia Life Science Announces Third Dimension Grant for 3D Cell Culture Research

Inventia Life Science Announces Third Dimension Grant for 3D Cell Culture Research

Grant recipients will have Inventia’s state-of-the-art RASTRUM™ Instrument placed in their lab, plus materials and training to further 3D cell culture research.
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Dublin, Ireland — 4 December 2023 — Inventia Life Science, a leading advanced 3D cell model company, launched the Inventia Third Dimension Grant today. This grant will allow researchers studying fundamental biology or drug development to model and test hypotheses using 3D cell cultures. These advanced models enable scientists to test questions they’d be unable to answer using 2D cell cultures or animal models.

The Inventia Third Dimension Grant recipient will have Inventia’s RASTRUM™ benchtop device placed in their lab for three months. They’ll also receive all materials needed to generate at least six 96 or 384 well plates of 3D cell models.

RASTRUM™ is a high-throughput drop-on-demand 3D bioprinter that can deposit cells and matrix components into common tissue culture microplates to form 3D cell cultures. Inventia opened a lab in Dublin last year to foster the use of advanced cell models throughout Europe.

"With 2D cell models or animal models, it’s impossible to conduct certain research that’s critical to the advancement of novel technologies," says Daniel Vaughn, Inventia’s EU Commercial Director. "We expect the recipient of this grant to make great strides in their research — and to fully realise the opportunities that 3D models present for impactful breakthroughs — during the time they have the RASTRUM™ in their lab."

Traditional 2D cell cultures and animal models lack the ability to accurately model human physiological interactions between tumours and their environment. With RASTRUM™ advanced cell models, scientists are able to design models that more precisely recreate those interactions allowing them to probe deeper into their field of study.


Application information

The Third Dimension Grant Program is open to academic and commercial laboratories not currently using the RASTRUM™ Platform in Europe. Applications are due before the 29th February 2024, and the recipient will be selected on 8th March 2024. Applicants should complete the submission form using the grant link.


About Inventia Life Science

At Inventia, we’re creating some of the most powerful tools for advanced biomedical discovery today. We build printers and formulate bioinks that together allow human cells to be printed in three-dimensional structures and help forward-thinking pioneers in the fields of cancer research, drug discovery and medicine to create human tissue for research and therapy purposes. Our RASTRUM™ platform creates 3D cell cultures which imitate real human tissue in terms of its structure and behavior across a range of disease states. The physiological complexity of these cell cultures provides an environment in which world-class research and discovery can occur, right in the researcher’s own lab. Inventia Life Science Pty Ltd was the vision of Dr. Julio Ribeiro and founded by him with Dr. Aidan O'Mahony, Dr. Cameron Ferris and Peter Arthur in 2013 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.


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